alcohol free toners

The Natural Toner Collection of Your Dreams is HERE

We are very excited to share our new SONYA DAKAR Toner Collection, giving you three natural toners not only for a boost of hydration, but for three different skin concerns: acne, aging and sensitive skin.

vitamins for healthy skin

Best Vitamins for Glowing Skin

We asked nutrition professionals Melanie Murphy and Nicolette Jahnke to help explain the science and what are the best vitamins for healthy skin.

how to treat keratosis pilaris

How To Treat Keratosis Pilaris

You may be all of a sudden eyeing all sorts of bumps, tiny pimples and dry rough patches on your body. What are they and how can you treat them?

home remedies for sunburn relief

I’m Sunburned, Now What?

Surprisingly, most people don’t know exactly how to treat a sunburn. Here are 5 easy tips to alleviate the pain, speed up the healing and minimize any long term damage.

Energizing and Brightening Eye Balm

Jade Energy the Energizing Eye Balm

“Energized skin is youthful, healthy and vibrant skin, and since the first place we start to show signs of aging is our eyes, why not start there,” Sonya says.

Best face washes for oily dry or sensitive skin

SPRING CLEAN: Face washes for every skin type

Your skin’s needs change based on weather, travel, sensitivity levels etc. A great face wash should cleanse, protect and reveal your best skin, no matter the time of year.