SPRING CLEAN: Face washes for every skin type

Best face washes for oily dry or sensitive skin

Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your closet anymore, it also applies to your skincare routine! Your skin needs a refresh every season based on the weather, travel plans, sensitivity levels and more. It’s not always clear which face wash is best for you so we broke down our washes to help you swap out what you need this season.

Clarifying Cleanser

Silver face wash is ideal for oily/acne prone skin with active probiotics, silver ions and oil control actives. These ingredients enhance your skin’s healing process, fight against acne causing bacteria and promote a clean and healthy complexion. This sulfate free face wash formulation is gentle and forgoes harsh chemicals.

Best face wash for oily skin

Key Ingredients: Probiotics & salicylic acid
Best Face Wash for Oily Skin

Oil-Based Cleanser

Buriti face wash gently removes impurities, dirt and makeup without stripping your skin. This 100% natural blend of exotic buriti, grapeseed and avocado oils nourishes your skin by infusing it with antioxidants and vitamins C, D, E keeping it glowing all spring.

Best face wash for dry or mature skin

Key Ingredient: Grapeseed Oil
Best Face Wash for Dry or Mature Skin


Gentle Calming Cleanser

Sensi face wash is 100% natural and perfect for sensitive skin. It contains calming lavender and oat kernel extract, which are anti-inflammatory and a natural antihistamine which aids in relief of eczema, dehydration and psoriasis symptoms.

Best face wash for sensitive skin

Key Ingredients: Oat Extract
Best Face Wash for Sensitive or Irritated Skin


Purifying & Protecting Cleanser

Detox wash provides a fresh start for clear skin. This face wash contains a detoxifying blend of botanical stem cells, marribium and buddleja, shielding skin from environmental stressors and pollutants immediately revealing a clean, soft, and healthy complexion.

Best face wash for congested or dull skin

Key Ingredient: Marrubium & buddleja stems
Best Face Wash for Dull or Congested Skin


A great face wash should cleanse, protect and reveal your best skin, no matter the time of year. Incorporate it into your morning and evening skin care regimen alongside other important products to get the best results all year long!

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